Full time Employment - Weed and Pest Control Officer

Posted by: Weed ControlWeed Control on 01/25/2023


Help Wanted
The Golden Valley County Weed Board is seeking to hire a qualified, full time benefitted, Weed and Pest Control Officer. Screening of Applicants will begin on March 1st, and will remain open until filled. A description of the qualifications, duties of the job, base salary and benefits, as well as an application can be obtained by contacting the Golden Valley County Auditor at 701-872-4331.
Role, Responsibility’s and Expectations of a Golden Valley County Weed Control Officer
Role: Golden Valley County Control Officer.
Responsibility: Have all endorsements and knowledge required of a Weed Control Officer.
a) Have a current commercial applicators certification.
b) Have knowledge on Golden Valley County Risk Management Safety Program requirements and ability to train commercial applicators on program.
c) Follow all Workman’s Compensation and EPA personal safety requirements.
d) Have good knowledge of the ND Dept. of Agriculture Pesticide Act and resource when needed.
e) Attend all required county, state, and federal meetings and workshops.
f) Have good knowledge of state and county noxious weed list and keep current with best control methods.
g) Obtain knowledge of ND State Weed Management Plan and keep the GVCWB Management Plan current and assist in carrying it out.
h) Must have valid ND driver’s license.
i) Must agree to pre-employment drug and alcohol testing and also random drug and alcohol testing program.
Responsibility: Lead and manage all employees involved with the GVCWB.
a) Insure that all employees are properly trained on ND State and GVCWB safety program.
Train or outsource all required training under the Golden Valley County Risk Management Program.
b) Insure that county commercial applicators have required training and can prove with up to date certification. Insure that employees have a good understanding of the ND Dept. of Agriculture Pesticide Act.
c) Train applicators the current GPS and mapping system.
d) Work first hand with applicators to ensure that they are following proper application procedures with chemical applications.
e.) Other Duties as assigned
Responsibility: Customer Relations.
a) Have knowledge of all customers and the counties involvement with them. (USFS, MGA, NDDOT, Golden Valley County Residents and Golden Valley County Road & Bridge Dept.)
b) Be willing to communicate in public on current noxious weed requirements and current control methods.
c) Participate with State and Federal programs. (State and Federal grants, contracts, and cost share programs).
d) Have the ability to work with the Golden Valley County Courthouse support groups, GVCWB and the local County Extension Service.
e) Work with and educate all land managers on developing a noxious weed control management plan.
f) Understand the enforcement procedure for land managers that do not control their noxious weeds and be able to carry enforcement out with the help of the GVCWB.
g) Implement newsletter to inform all land managers and landowners on GVCWB activities and information that could be beneficial to them.
h) Administer Chemical and Bio- Control programs for the GVCWB
i) Other Duties as assigned
Responsibility: Technical Skills
a) Basic computer skills.
b) Basic Writing and Communication skills
c) Ability to teach and train employees on their responsibilities as GVCWB employees.
d) Ability to administer grants and basic accounting skills to track and bill customer accounts.
e) The ability to understand and oversee the record keeping required by the FS, State and GVCWB.
f) Provide the GVCWB members a monthly report on all activities, accounting and developments with the county weed board.
g) Ability to understand mapping and GPS program and complete and maintain an annual county noxious weed and bio control inventory.
h) A good understanding of spray equipment and its maintenance
i) A good understanding and knowledge of biological control methods.
j) Other duties as assigned
This job will include Golden Valley County fulltime benefits and the wage will be monthly salary. Salary will start at $43,000 annually and up depending on experience. Individual needs to be flexible with work days and work hours during the spraying season.