Request for Bids - Social Services Roof

Posted by: AuditorCommission on 08/02/2022



Notice is hereby given that Golden Valley County is requesting bids for roofing services for the Golden Valley County Social Services Building. The dimensions are as follows:

Total surface area is 2310.00 feet.

Total Perimeter Length is 215.

Total Number of Squares is 23.10

Total Ridge Length is 78.50.

All bids should include quotes for the installation of a steel roof as well as shingles.

Questions and bids should be directed to County Auditor’s Office at 701-872-4331, PO Box 67, Beach, ND 58621. Bids must be received by the County Auditor by August 29, 2022 at 1:00 PM MT. Bids may be mailed or hand delivered. All bids received after the scheduled time will be returned to the bidder un-opened.