Clerk of Court/Recorder

150 1st Ave SE
Beach, North Dakota 58621
PO Box 67
Beach, North Dakota 58621
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm


  • Passports
  • Marriage Licenses ( Click here for Marriage Ceremony information. )
  • Filing of Court Documents (civil, probate, small claims, and criminal cases)
  • Traffic citations paid here (unless they are Municipal Citations)
  • Court is held at 9:00 am on the 4th Thursday of each month.

RECORDING FEES (see NDCC 11-18-05 )

  • $20.00 for documents with 1-6 pages
  • $65.00 for documents with 7-25 pages
  • $3.00 per page for any additional page over 25
  • A 1 inch margin must still be provided on one side of each page or a $10.00 margin fee will be assessed, as it is today.
  • Related document numbers, or book and page will allow for the first 10 listed free, and any additional related numbers will be at a fee of $3.00 per document number.
  • The first 10 sections listed will be free and each additional section listed after 10 will be a fee of $1.00 per section listed.

FONT SIZE NDCC 11-18-05.1.a.4(2) "The printed, written, or typed words must be considered legible by the recorder before the page will be accepted for recording and, unless the form was
issued by a government agency, must have a font size equal to or larger than ten point Calibri ."
ALL DOCUMENTS MUST have a 3 inch [7.62 centimeters] margin across the top of thefirst page of each instrument for recording information.

  • NDCC 11-18-05.1.a.4 "A space of at least 3 inches [7.62 centimeters] must be provided across the top of the first page of each instrument for the recorder's recording information. If a space of at least 3 inches [7.62 centimeters] is not provided across the top of the first page, the recorder shall add a page, and an additional page charge must be levied in accordance with the fee structure."
  • Submitters can add a cover page with the title of the document at least 3 inches from the top of the page and this will serve as the first page. This would ensure the submitter knows exactly how many pages will be counted.
  • If a recorder must add a page and a 6 page document results in 7 pages, the $65.00 fee will be charged.
  • If the recorder adds a page to a 25 or more page document, the additional $3.00 per page will be assessed.


1. Document must be an original or certified copy.
2. All dates filled in
3. Adequate county legal description
4. All signatures must be original handwritten.
5. Acknowledgment(s):
Acknowledgments for all signatures

  • Notary Seal(s) (ND notary seal must be surrounded by a border.)
  • State filled in
  • County filled in
  • Date of acknowledgements filled in
  • Name(s) of all individuals signing appear in the acknowledgement (as having appeared before notary)
  • Expiration date of notary's commission
  • ND notary's place of notarization was in North Dakota (ND Notary's notaries act outside of ND)


  • Statements of full consideration * (not required on a deed covering mineral interest only)
  • All real estate taxes must be paid before any deed can be recorded.
  • Post Office address for grantee(s)
  • Name and address of Drafter of legal description on deed or contract for deed, executed on or after 01/01/2000 that contains a metes and bounds legal description (NDCC 47-19) in the form of "this legal description was prepared by (name) (address)"  or a statement that reads "The legal description was obtained from a previously recorded document."

*Only 1 of 2 statements of consideration will be accepted on a Deed or Affidavit of Affixation:

  • A statement of full consideration paid for the property conveyed
  • A statement designating one of the exemptions in subsection 6, which the grantee believes applies to the transaction

To record documents electronically, visit Simplifle , ePN , CSC , or Indecomm GlobalServices .
UCC/CNS Uniform Commercial Code/Central Notice System The county recorder's statewide computer service links all 53 counties and the Secretary of State's office.  The UCC/CNS statewide system provides a secure, expedient, and accurate
method to process, store, and retrieve personal property liens from both debtors and secured parties.  For more information, visit Central Indexing (UCC) .
NDRIN North Dakota Records Information Network A group of North Dakota counties have joined together to extend the application of the 1999disaster-proofing FEMA grant and provide access to real estate records via the Internet. Theserecords have previously been available only through books and microfilm in the Recorder'sOffice at the county courthouse.  The service allows users to log onto the web-site to search,view, and print records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the counties publishing data to thenetwork. Potential customers interested in subscribing to NDRIN can do so online at NDRIN .


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